Suikoden Demon Century

Although this OVA has a better title than what it deserves--somehow, Demon Century sounds like a cool name--it is not a terrible entry into the fighter-takes-on-world category of anime. It's predictible and pointless, really, but it's a decent ride.

Suikoden Demon Century follows the adventures of Takateru Suga, a martial artist whose sister has been kidnapped by a group of bad guys (ala Double Dragon) who want to take over post-apocalyptic Tokyo (ala Akira, Demon City Shinjuku, et al). Suga meets a transvestite and ex-military man at the place his sister once worked, and they join the fun. Eventually, they also run into a nun, a priest, and a Buddhist monk, all of which are looking after a bunch of orphans. Unfortunately, the land on which the church sits has been bought up by the bad guys, and eviction is forthcoming. So what's a ragtag team of fully trained warriors supposed to do? Go cause some mayhem and take out the bad guys, rescue the girl, and blow up a 900 year old demon god? Of course! There's also the requisite prophecy about this group coming together to fight evil throughout the centuries, too.

SDC is silly fun, for the most part. It's violent, to be certain, and the plot is right out of a video game. It does excel in a few spots, however, in that the artwork is good and the fight sequences are well-choreographed. It's dumb, but somehow still somewhat enjoyable. The show feels like so many other pilots, though, in that it promises that this is just the start of the hero's adventures. I don't see it continuing, and I don't see myself watching it if it does, but it's no-brainer entertainment for a dull Friday night.

Suikoden Demon Century -- violence (some a little graphic), adult language -- C+