Everyday is Sunday

It's nice to see the same old things every now and then. A favorite poster, a love letter from long ago...these stir up memories of times past. What Everyday Is Sunday is not is particularly original. What it is turns out to be a nice breeze of air, a romantic comedy that touches just the right way. It brings on memories of great shows like Orange Road and Maison Ikkoku, which blended fun and romance in just the right amounts. It's also a show that begs for more attention.

The show starts with a dangerous accident. We see a young girl running from a man in a rain jacket, and she tries to run across the street, not noticing an oncoming truck. The man leaps out to save her, and does so, though he injures his hand in the process...and then we skip ahead. Some time later, Yumi is a brand-new police officer ready to get on the beat. A lot of pickpocketings have occured, and she's gung-ho to be the one to catch the criminal. In her overzealousness, she arrests Toru, a young magician, accidentally. Turns out that he's the man who saved her years ago from that truck.

As in most romantic comedies, mistaken identities and misunderstandings underpin the relationships. However, the show doesn't exceed its bounds, and it winds up being both funny and somehow touching. Kudos to the creators for not going the cheesecake route where they most definately could have--although there is a shower scene and a bath scene, there's no nudity or suggestiveness. (The preview hints that there may be some in the next episode, though.) Character design and artwork is both standard of late 80s anime, and its nothing too wonderful, but definitely functional and never distracting. It's not too new in its approach, but a nice entertainment.

Everyday is Sunday OVA 1 -- mild violence, language -- A-